About The View Level

This is a Mariners blog. Obviously.

But what can you expect? Well, blog posts. This publication will primarily serve as an outlet for column-like writing, the occasional analytical insight, potentially access-driven features but not your run-of-the-mill game recaps.

We’ll try to have something once or twice a week, always from the perspective of a fan. This is the home for the things I think about the M’s.

About Colin

I moved to Seattle in the fall of 1999 and have been a Mariners fan since. The timing of that, however, has created some expectations—optimism?—that one might not expect.

When I became a fan of the M’s, they were the among the best in the sport. And that’s what we all want them to be again.

I went to school at the University of Montana for journalism and have blogged on sports since my freshman year there—initially on Griz athletics.

That blogging, eventually at Lookout Landing, got me to the place I always wanted to work—in the press box at a Major League ballpark. Except it was also in the office, on the field, in Tokyo, podcasting with the GM and whatever other dorky stuff a fan would try to do once they got a foot in the door.

Now it’s back outside, but not outside the ballpark.

Most games I attend, I’m up top, along the first base line. The View Level. Best seats in the house for the money.

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Perspective on the Seattle Mariners from the upper deck.


Colin O'Keefe is a fan of the M's. He's worked for the club, he's a trained journalist but, before that, he's just a fan.